Oleander Farms

A world-class equestrian facilty in Northern Texas

Welcome to Oleander Farms

Welcome to Oleander Farms (prefix "Oleander", prefix/suffix "OF") is a world-class equestrian facility located on 100-acres in Northern Texas. We specialize in a variety of breeds for sport and western disciplines. Oleander Farms' owner Daniele, is one of the founders of Tantivy and established her stable in June 2019. Originally established as Rosa do Mar with an emphasis on Iberian horses for dressage. We quickly learned that it was in vain. As our stable grew, we decided that a re-branding was in order and decided upon Oleander Farms to encompass all that we do now. We also moved from St. Augustine, Florida to Northern Texas.

Oleander Farms serves as the host stable of the Dressage Federation and as result hosts a majority of its show. We are also a member of the Combined Driving Association!

None of this is real, it is all part of a game called Tantivy