Oleander Farms

A world-class equestrian facilty in Northern Texas


Training Combined Driving
Armonía - Daniele
Brambleberry - Daniele
Kaimana - Daniele
Ligero OF - Daniele
Nimaway - Daniele

First Level Dressage
Estrellada - Daniele

Fourth Level Dressage
Colada - Daniele
Gaetano - Daniele
Hurricane - Daniele
Vanguard - Daniele

Second Level Dressage
Jadzia - Daniele

Third Level Dressage
Bolero - Daniele

Training Level Dressage
Abercrombie - Daniele
Hannsi - Daniele

Training Eventing
Chianti - Daniele
Latara - Daniele

Level 1 Jumping
Celandine - Daniele

Level 5 Jumping
Bourbon - Daniele
Denali - Daniele
Sambuca - Daniele

Rookie Working Western
Clouds Over Amarillo - Daniele
Razzle Dazzle - Daniele
Skippers Gold - Daniele
Zippity Do Dah - Daniele

None of this is real, it is all part of a game called Tantivy